It all started when I was only 10 years old. I was one of those guys who listened to the top 40's of the seventies…what can I say? Then one day my older brother walked in with a couple of albums (those are 12” vinyl disks for those of you who don’t know…Google it), Boston, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Paranoid….I heard them and instantly felt the connection. It was all I could listen to, and well from there just like a drug; it became The Doors, and everyone else. 

I have always loved to sing…my first song I ever sang to a group was “Have You Seen The Most Beautiful Girl” yeah I know, it’s weird. Growing up in Santa Fe, I hung with the Plaza Rats, we were a group of stoner, skaters, BMXers, who really felt the only thing that mattered in life was sex, drugs and rock n roll, and at that time, that’s really all that did matter. Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and exploring Diablo’s Canyon were always at the top of my daily to do list. School was boring, I felt I knew everything I needed to know in life by the time I was 17, running my own yard maintenance company and BAD with my friend (Billy and Dwayne party guys) we had it going. 

Then at 18 I moved to Albuquerque…spreading my wings making money selling windows…but still had the rock star mentality. Cocaine took over me and I lost it all. Leaving Albuquerque to get away and dry out I ended up in an itty bitty town of Beeville, Texas where I met my first wife, we came back we started our family. Having 3 kids we ended up in Edgewood. Back then is when we did our first karaoking… was cassette tape with lyrics and you’d sing along. Unfortuntly she was not my lifetime soul mate and we parted ways in 2000. That same year, I did meet my soul mate. We combined our lives and our families, raised 5 children together and had an awesome 10 years together. We held functions that would blow your mind. After living together for a couple of years and doing huge promotions for our church, it came to grips we should probably be married, which was fine considering I had proposed to her 6 months after we met and she said yes… the Smiths Video Department….after a wild goose chase…LOL…We had one song that we knew fit us just right…..Tim McGraw and Faith Hill…”It’s Your Love”. We wanted to sing it to each other for our reception, so we went to The Brio with Charles every weekend to practice it. 

One night a friend asked me to sing War Pigs by Black Sabbath. I did, it’s all history from there. We went karaoking every weekend, but only to The Brio. We had no idea there were other places to go. Charles left The Brio and we stopped going for a while. Then we came back and Boop Karaoke had taken over. We got to know Tony and Mary, and brought a lot of friends in as my genre began to grow and go from singing country songs to more and more rock. Today out of 40 songs that I sing, I only sing one country song. 

Mary told us about a karaoke contest at another place they do karaoke at. That’s when we found Sneakerz. We started going there every Saturday night after a song at The Brio. We’d take our gammon board and be just us in our own little corner. Then as we began to meet more and more people it was hard to play acey duecy, so it was more about singing and socializing. With my soul mate by my side, this is when Ozz was born. I became more and more addicted, singing anywhere Boop was at, and telling everyone about Sneakerz and being there every weekend. I began to realize the talent I had was something more than just a hobby, but may someday become my livelihood. After a falling out with Boop and Sneakerz, I decided not to ever have all of my eggs in one basket again. I ventured out into the karaoke world of Albuquerque only to find there were many more fantastic karaoke jocks and venues….meeting them all and singing with them, leaving Sneakerz was the best thing I could have ever done. I never knew how many awesome places in Albuquerque there truly were and are. 

The real turn point was singing Bin Laden Crawled at Fiesta’s in August. This event packed the place, bringing new customers to Fiesta’s I realized it was time to make this my livelihood. From there I managed The Barley Room Karaoke Contest….the hottest contest Albuquerque has ever seen. At Sneakerz I used to sing Happy Birthday Crazy Train to my friends along with giving them a custom made “Ozz Rocked My Day” shirt and a shot of their favorite drink. I opened this website first to promote The Barley Room Contest, and then as an avenue to promote my services and let people know where to go sing at.

 Now it’s becoming The Call Me Ozz Albuquerque Karaoke Community Website. It is now an open and public place for all the karaoke addicts of Albuquerque to know where to go when, to get their fix. 

All Aboard…..ha…ha…ha…ha…I…I…I…Crazy, but that’s how it goes….

Original Sneakerz shirt. Where "Ozz" was officially birthed. After a falling out with the manager in 2011 Ozz never returned. On May 9th, 2012 it was decided to be retired and put up for auction, all proceded will be donated to Chris Fennick to help with the cost of his kidney transplant.
"OZZ" drawn by Julius one night at Desert Greens for Ozz.
4-27-12: The Day Call Me Ozz Dot Net became an official business.
Typical night of practice.
I'm Just A Dreamer from Dreamer by Ozzy. This shirt was made the day Call Me Ozz became an official business.
May 2011: A dayhike in the Jemez with friends. My favorite place in the world to be is the mountains.
2008: 4 day wilderness backpack trip to Ruybalid Lake in the San Juan wilderness with my nephew from San Antonio. It is so breathtaking. My idea of a true vacation.
Ozz has two grand-daughters. Allyson (above) Kayliegh (below).
Ozz's favorite names have always been Cindy and Annie...Ironicly enough his second wives name was Cindy Ann.
"Satan Laughing Spread His Wings" is the last lyric in the song of War Pigs and Bin Laden Crawled. This shirt was made for the Bin Laden Crawled performance at Fiesta's in August of 2011.
"Call Me Ozz" shirt was one of the first shirts made. It was retired in 2012 and given to his great friend Trina for her birthday celebration at Fiesta's.
Mountain Biking.....Another one of my hobbies....and where a better place to ride than on a hiking trail in the mountains. We ride the 10k South Trail in the Sandia Mountains to the Ski Basin Trails to the highway, then down the highway to San Antonito. Those bugs hurt when they hit the face at high speeds.


It's easy, doesn't cost a dime and you get the inside scoops!


This was the very first shirt ever made. Notice it had the Y on it. This was about 2008 when Ozz had to cut his hair short so he could work for Zanios Foods, and the dog? That would be his one and only dog he has ever had in his adulthood....Smokey Joe......
When Ozz and Liz decided to throw a Housewarming party that's exactly what is was...with a little bit of karaoke added to it...22 singer, 50 guests and plenty of you know anyone? Thank you so much Trina and John for your contribution to this slide show.
Ozz has been married twice. He had three children with his first wife. When he married his second wife, she had three children, but only two of them lived with them...together they raised five, they were called the "Beare Bunch"......"There was a lady...."
Stewart Lake in the Pecos Wilderness, only accessible by backpack, helicopter and horseback.
"OZZ MAN COMETH" Drawn by his friend who goes by the name of Kurt Cubain....
Ozz has definitely seen a few concerts in his day. His very first concert was The Cars opening for Styx in 1978 at Tingley Colisium. It was the year The Cars released their first album. It was the Grand Illusion tour for Styx....His mom took him....Thanks Mom!
Ozz left hand...definitely a trademark of Ozz
"OZZ GOT GONGED" shirt was made when he got gonged at The Albuquerque Social Club's gong show. He was gonged while singing Crazy Train. He was given a shirt as a consolation prize...yes he had to add "Ozz" it.
A day hike with DJ Speed Racer up Embudo Canyon...on top of a rock overlooking Carnuel.
A day hike with DJ Speed Racer on Tree Spring Trail, overlooking East Mountain Communities.
 His daily diary of a madman: