New Mexico State Fair 2019 - Rules
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Hello and thank you for your interest in the 2019 NM State Fair Karaoke Showcase. Below are the Rules to abide by in the duration of the showcase during the State Fair. We hope to see you at the Fair!

We will open the Open Karaoke registration to the public when the Karaoke Showcase date is closer. You may sign up to sing in the open karaoke daily Once the New Mexico State Fair contestants have been selected. Check back then to get signed up!

The RULES are stated below.  Be sure to read the RULES, TERMS and CONDITIONS carefully



CMO: Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC
NMSF: New Mexico State Fair


100-1: You are entering this showcase/competition upon your own free will.

100-2: Only New Mexico residents are permitted to participate in the NMSF Karaoke Showcase.

100-3: You understand that the judges will be paid judges in the music industry and they will be judging you on your key, timing, how well you know your song and audience reaction/stage performance. You will be scored in points on a scale of 1-10 for a maximum total of 40 points per judge with a maximum total of 120 in all judges’ count. All scores are final and non-negotiable. The judges will not be of the karaoke community. If a judge does not show up every effort shall be made to acquire a back up judge. If there is not one available, Ozz's assistant shall judge.

100-4: Exception to the paid judges: during the five weeks of in house pre-qualifications at Dewar’s Pub, the judges are supplied by Dewar’s Pub and may or may not be outside the karaoke community. The judges of all satellite venues shall be at the choosing of the participating venue. They may or may not be of the karaoke community.

100-5: At The NM State Fair there shall be three judges so there can be 40 points per judge with a maximum total of 120 in all judges’ count. If a judge does not show up every effort shall be made to acquire a back up judge. If there is not one available, Ozz's assistant shall judge.

100-6a: “What we’re looking for”: We are looking for karaoke junkies! Ones which can sing, that know their song. That keep the fun and excitement in it, and can stage perform to get the audience to interact and get excited as well. We are providing coaches for those who want advice or just need help on their journey. We want you to "Own" the song you are singing. You may ad lib or change words.

100-6b: You will be scored on Timing, Key, Knowledge of Song and Stage Presence and how that affects Audience Participation and Reaction. 

100-7: Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The judge’s scores and decisions are final and not negotiable. Any unsportsmanlike conduct such as defiling the competition through social media and such may justify disqualification from any Call Me Ozz endorsed event, including, but not limited to the entire NM State Fair Karaoke Showcase.  

100-8: The top scores from each night of each venue shall advance to the elimination nights at the N.M. State Fair. 

100-9: Ties shall be broken by the judges.

100-10a: By entering this Showcase/Competition, you agree and give Call Me Ozz Dot Net all rights to any videos, pictures or audio of you, by CMO or any Contractor of CMO, and must obtain permission from CMO to use, distribute, market, or publish and video, pictures or audio made by CMO or Contractors of CMO. 

100-10b: You hereby authorize CMO and its Contractors to video tape, take pictures of, and audio of you during the Showcase, Competitions and Auditions. 

200-1: Signed recording artists are not eligible. This may also include artists that have released recordings and receives monies on them. Signed contract means any digital recording that is a contract and monies are received. You must commit to not accept any contracts until the NMSF is over. Accepting a contract for money before the Showcase at the Fair would make you ineligible to participate. Persons in a band may participate as long as they do not have any released material for monies.

200-2a: Only the singers may be permitted on stage. No additional persons such as backup singers, harmonizers or dancers. The focus is to be kept on the singer.

The key word here is STAGE. This rule was put into place for the Main Pavilion Stage at the NM State Fair. We did not want any singers, harmonizers or dancers on that stage, only the singer. If a singer in a qualification night brings a support team with him or her and they dance while they are singing it is acceptable. For example, a singer singing a country song, and people get up to dance, or any genre of music. It would also be acceptable at the NM State Fair for people to dance on the floor in front of the stage. The judges know how to decipher the quality of the vocals and crowd interaction.

200-2c: Re: Rule Modification/Clarification-Props:
There are no props allowed on stage. This includes but not limited to chairs, air guitars, etc. The focus is to be kept on the singer, the vocals and the stage performance without additional propaganda.

200-3: Previous First Place winners are prohibited from competing in all future of the same annual or repetitive Competition. For example, any first place winners from any previous NM State Fair Competitions may not compete again. However, a minor champion can compete as an adult, once that minor has become an adult. All runner ups may compete in future competitions after a two year wait. For example, anyone who competed in previous NM State Fair Competitions may compete again after a two year wait. First place winners may compete in other competitions. 

200-4: This contest is for individual singers only. No duets permitted.

200-5: If you were a no show or a drop out from a previous competition, you may not make a reservation; however, you may show up at the venue as a standby.

200-6: KJ’s that are active in the Showcase as a primary venue may not participate.

200-7: Minors parent or legal guardian must check in with the minor at the venue, and must remain on site the entire time that the minor is on site.

200-8: If you judge during the Lucky 66 Bowl pre-season, you May Not participate in that season of showcase.

300-1: By registering you are signing up in advance and holding a spot. You must report in no later than 30 minutes before karaoke start time at that venue. If you are late, your spot is in jeopardy of being lost to someone who is on the premises, which wishes to be in the contest. Any contestant not checked in by the time karaoke begins will be forfeited. (If you are running late, inform us and we will try to work with you.) 

300-2: No shows or less than available to enter: If there are any no shows or if there are not the number of contestants permitted to sign up the qualification shall go on with those that are registered, and the same amount originally promised to qualify shall still occur. For example; if a venue is set up to qualify 9 out of 20, but only 15 shows up, the qualification will still occur but it will be 9 out of 15.

300-3: When you register you must provide a phone number we can contact you at for verification. Your registration is not confirmed until we have confirmed it with you via telephone. You do not have to call back; however, the auto caller must be able to leave a message. You will also receive a text message and an email. (This could take up to 7 days)

300-4: MINORS: Anyone under the age of 18 will require parent or legal guardian consent and release. This form must be filled out and signed on the night of the qualification night and the parent or guardian must be present at all times that the minor is on any premise. 

300-5: MINORS AGE CLARIFICATION: "Minors" is specified as a person not legal in a drinking establishment. Any person under the age of 21 at the time of audition is considered a minor. If the person’s birthday is between the time they audition and qualify and the NMSF they will still perform on the minors date. Check the Participating Venues for Minors Only Auditions.

300-6: Qualification is limited to xx singers per night. If you sign up on line and it's already filled you will be notified and recommended to choose another venue. If you show up to a venue and it's full, you'll be recommended to another venue. You may only register for one venue at a time. When you check in you will be offered a future available venue to have an automatic rollover if you do not qualify that night. Once a venue is full for an audition, Stand By registration for that venue will open up. If you register as a Stand By, you will be required to check in at the same time as those who are registered. You will be first in line to take any no show spots. There will not be any stand bys during the pre-season at Lucky 66 Bowl or at their audition on May 31st, 2019.

300-7: On line registration will be available until noon the day BEFORE the qualifying night. After noon you will just have to go to the venue, and sign up as long as there is space. If it is not filled up by noon, contestants may register until xx contestants are signed up or karaoke time, whichever comes first. (MODIFIED 4-15-16: Scroll to the bottom for details)

300-8: If at all possible; two to three non contestant singers will sing first to get any technical difficulties out and to get the sound set.

300-9: You may only sign up for one qualification venue at a time. This also includes if you pre-qualify at an in house venue. Once you try to qualify, and you do not advance to the NMSF, you may then sign up for another qualifying venue, subject to availability. 

300-10: There will not be a block out time for qualifying. You will be in the regular rotation. You must let the KJ know what song you are singing for the qualification. If there are not enough additional singers to fill out the qualification time block a second rotation may begin.

300-11: Please check your calendar, if you are not able to attend one of showcase nights at NMSF or the semi-final night, final night or the grand finale, please do not sign up. Let's let someone who can be there. 

300-12: By entering this contest you are giving CMO, The NMSF and it's affiliates full copyrights to use your name and photos in any and all media and marketing opportunities and giving up any and future rights and royalties from this contest.

300-13: Entry Fee: None, however we do ask that you financially support the participating venues, by spending at least $10 every time you visit a venue to qualify. Some venues may charge a cover charge or a minimum purchase. This is at the discretion of the venue and is not a policy of CMO. 

300-14: When making a reservation, make sure you use a valid, phone number and Email address. CMO will only send you an email if it pertains to the NMSF Karaoke Showcase and will come from [email protected] 

300-15: Your information is your privacy. We will not sell your information to any marketing company and we will only use your information for the sole purpose of the NMSF/CMO Karaoke Showcase and Competition.

300-16:  Our Lady of Belen, Fiestas is a special audition event, being an audition and a dance!  There is a $5 cover charge for this audition.  However, contestants do not have to pay a cover charge.


400-1: You will turn in your requested song at the time of registration. If the KJ does not have your song you will be notified, you may change your song, or you may contact your KJ and ask if you can download your preferred song or version into their computer. You may change your song up to 5 days prior to the qualification night, however only two changes are permitted. We are not responsible for technical difficulties on your downloaded song, be prepared for a on the spot back up. Turning in your song, does not guarantee that song will be available, it only guarantees that you will have the right to sing that song instead of someone else signing that song. 

400-2a: Adults: Please submit your song no later than Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 3:00pm. Song changes will not be accepted after that time. Go to click on the NM State Fair Register Here logo, and then click on the CHANGE SONG button on the navigation menu just to the left of the banner with all the participating venues, then click on SONG CHANGE fill out the form and submit (Under What Night Are Your Scheduled For) We recommend doing it right away, and then changing your song later if you need to, as only one song title per night is permitted, and someone might get your song.  You will also have to submit a song to sing in the semifinals, one for the finals and two for the grand finale in preparation that you advance to those rounds as there will be no time contact you and set up songs or download them if we need to. Song changes will not be permitted. You must use a different song in the Semi Finals, Finals and Grand Finale than you use in the Showcase. You may use the song (s) you qualified for at a venue, in the Showcase.

400-2b: Minors: You must submit your showcase song and Two Grand Finale Songs, and one back up song by September 6, 2019 at 3:00 pm, and no changes will be accepted after that. We suggest you submit your song as early as possible to ensure no one else chooses your song.

400-3: You may sing any song you like as long it falls within the rules.

400-4: Only one song per night is permitted between all of the singers. If your song has already been chosen by another singer before you, you must choose another song. Have at least three songs in your repertoire.

400-5a: Cussing is not permitted at the NMSF. If a cuss word is in the song, it must be omitted or changed. 

In this day and age "Cuss" words are almost every day conversation, however at the NMSF promotes a family atmosphere and cussing will not be permitted at all on the Main Stage or Minors Permitted Venues. This rule is not applicable at the "No Minors Allowed" venues for qualifications. If your song has ANY "cuss" words in it prepare yourself to change them. Listed below are some suggestions:

This is not a limited list. 

400-5c: The penalty for saying a cuss word on the stage at the NMSF is 0 points for Song Knowledge.

400-6: Duplicate songs are not permitted. If someone else has sung or chosen the song you wish to sing you will have to choose another song.

400-7-There will be no special downloads at the fair-you must do it in advance and it must be tested prior to the fair. Otherwise your back up song will be used no questions asked and it will not constitute a re-do. We highly recommend only using songs that are already on the KJs hard drive

400-8-It is your responsibility to go to the venue you're signed up for prior to your audition night, so that you can practice singing and ensure your song is in their database.  Many times people choose songs to sing without checking in with the KJ if they have the song set aside.  We send out the song list to KJs one week prior to the audition, then one day prior to the audition.  We cannot always guarantee communication between you, and the KJ.  Please go to your venue and get involved!

400-1 (Addendum): You may change your song up to 5 days prior to the qualification night AT NOON!

500-1: Association with the judges at the competitions is not permitted. Doing so is immediate disqualification. (This is limited to the jurisdiction of the NM State Fair or at the venue at the time of the qualification round.) (See clarification below: April 1, 2015)

500-2: CLARIFICATION RULE #18/APRIL 1, 2015:
During the competition season (April 19 -September 16) it is strictly prohibited to “hang out with”, “intermingle with”, “associate with”, “fraternize with”, in or out of any venue or State Fair premises. We understand that chance encounters may occur, and in those circumstances the conversation should be very limited and should not include anything that has to do with the competitions. The judges are also informed not to associate with any of the contestants at any time and if so they will be relieved of their position. If a contestant would like to know how they were judged, refer to rule 100-6b.

As stated in Rule #500-1 & 2, communication with the Judges is strictly prohibited for ANY reason during the entire season. Additionally it is prohibited to contact the KJ, the venue or any Call Me Ozz associate for any reason such as placement or song changes (but not limited to these reasons.) As stated in Rule 700, all communication is to go through [email protected] or your Mentor.

500-4: You must be present at the time that the announcement is made as to who the qualifiers are. If you are one of the qualifiers, and not present, it will go to the next highest score. 

500-5: There are many opportunities to qualify. The number of qualifiers each night varies. There shall be Ninety Six Adult and Twelve Minors total qualifiers for the showcase. If a qualified singer is unable to attend the elimination round and we are notified in advance, we will choose the singer with next highest score from the venue the cancelling singer qualified from to take their place at the NMSF.

500-6: If for some reason a venue cancels out, the highest scores from all of the other qualifying venues will replace that venues spots to get the singers that would have come from that venue.

500-7: If the KJ or the sound engineer makes an error which is determined by the judges to negatively affect the singers score a re-do may be permitted on one of the other nights or the same night of the showcase rounds. This will take a unanimous decision from the judges, Ozz’s assistant and Ozz.

500-8: If there is a problem on the stage, please calmly walk over to the KJ and explain the problem. The KJ will correct it or take it to Ozz’s assistant for correction. Avoid unsportsmanlike conduct. Protocol is to bring up the next singer while we correct the problem. This may also be the case if the KJ or the Sound Engineer makes a mistake.

500-9: Showcase rounds shall begin on September 5th, and be every night on September 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. There shall be twelve singers each night. After the showcase on September 12th, the judges shall open the scores of all ninety-six performers and shall post on the CMO website who the twenty-four semifinalists are. These will be the top twenty four out of ninety-six scores. They will also be notified via text message and email to return on Friday, September 13th for the semifinal round.

500-10: Semi-Final round shall be held on Friday, September 13th. After the semifinal rounds on September 14th, the top twelve shall be posted on the CMO website who the twelve finalists are. These will be the top twelve out of twenty-four scores. They will also be notified via text message and email to return on Saturday, September 14th for the final and grand finale round on Saturday, September 14th.

500-11: The Final Round and Grand Finale shall be held on Saturday, September 14th. Each of the twelve finalists will perform one song. The judges shall determine the top three performers. Each of the top three shall be called on stage to perform two songs in a row. The judges shall determine First, Second and Third Place. Awards and prizes shall be distributed. 

500-12a: The Minors Showcase and Grand Finale shall take place on Sunday, September 15th. Each of the twelve minors will perform one song. The judges shall determine the top three performers. Each of the top three shall be called on stage to perform two songs in a row. The judges shall determine First, Second and Third Place. Awards and prizes shall be distributed.

500-12b: Should a tie occur for the Semi-Finals, the Finals or the Grand Finale, the judges shall examine the scores from the contestants Audition Night. The contestant with the highest score shall move forward.

500-13: If you qualify for a showcase night, you will receive a pass for your night on the stage. If you qualify for the semi final, final/grand finale you will receive another entry pass to the NMSF but only one for you. You are responsible for any parking or transportation fees. No free parking this year. You may use park n ride from Coronado or the Tram from San Mateo & Central. Passes may not be sold or traded.

500-13b-Once you qualify at a venue you will choose your night at the Fair. Once you choose your night at the Fair you cannot change it for any reason. Make sure that you have thought about that before you come to your audition night.


500-15: Any violation of these Rules, Terms and Conditions could result in being disqualified from the contest. If a person is disqualified, his or her spot may be given to the next person with the next highest score.

500-16: If disqualification or black list occurs for a contestant, the length of time will depend upon the severity of the rules infractions and the remorse of such actions. While no rule does not state how long the ban will be in place, it also does not say how long it won't be in place. CMO reserves the right to refuse any registration based on previous actions directly in the NMSF Karaoke Showcase or other events or venues. The lift will be determined by the NMSF Planning Committee.

500-17: If a member of your party conducts unsportsmanlike conduct you may be disqualified on the grounds of association.

500-18: Should we find it necessary to disqualify a contestant, these are the actions we will take:
1- We will discuss the situation with the assistant and the coaches.
2- Should the assistant and coaches agree that further actions should be taken, we will present this situation to the CMO planning committee for review.
3- Should the planning committee agree the disqualification will take place, CMO shall notify the contestant(s) via email with a letter attached.
4- A hard copy will be mailed to the address on file. 
5- A disqualified contestant may present an appeal to [email protected] stating facts why we should not disqualify them.

500-19-If a venue starts karaoke early, contestants may not sing prior to the beginning of the audtion. If they do, they will be disqualified for that night only.

500-20: APPROPRIATE DRESS: The NMSF is a Family Friendly atmosphere. Therefore, appropriate dress is required. Consider school guidelines. Dresses and shorts must be at least one hand length above the knee. Torso area must be fully covered above the breast area. This is not a limited dress code. Should the NMSF or the Stage Manager bring into question the dress of a singer, the singer may be asked to adhere to the request of the NMSF or may not be allowed to perform on the stage. 

600-1: Qualifying venues are responsible for the prizes at their venues; however they are not required to do so. 

600-2: CMO is contracted by the NMSF to manage this contest. Any special instructions, questions, comments or complaints should be directed to: [email protected] Please do not contact the Venues, KJ's or the NMSF.

600-3: SCORES:
You may request to know what your scores are for any one qualification night. You may only know YOUR scores; no other scores shall be disclosed. As stated in the rules all scores are final and non-negotiable. We will not show you what each individual judge has scored you on, we will only show you your score for each category and then a total. Ask your coach for your scores.

600-4: These rules may change or be modified up until day one of the first qualification night.

600-5: Force Majeure shall go into effect for any unforeseen circumstance of these rules.

600-6: CMO, the NMSF and the Participating Venues cannot be held liable for any physical or emotional injuries during the competitions.

600-7: The KJ that is employed by the participating venue at the time of the Fair, shall be the KJ that represents the venue at the Fair.

600-8: No verbal agreements shall override these rules.

600-3 (Addendum): Request your scores and allow up to 7 days for response. If no response is received in 7 days, then notify [email protected]

700-1: Because of the size of this competition, all communication concerning reservations must be communicated through the website. No verbal or texting changes will be accepted. For your convenience simple buttons for changes are below:



700-4: FOR ALL OTHER COMMUNICATION: Click on the "CONTACT US" button.

700-5: NOTICE: Only two changes shall be permitted during the entire competition season. No shows will not be permitted to reschedule for the remaining competition season. 

800-1: These rules and all information in the NMSF/CMO Karaoke Showcase website is the intellectual property of Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC. No portion of this competition may be copied, mimicked or used without the express written consent of Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC.

800-2: No forms may be duplicated without the express written consent of Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC.

800-3: The style of this Showcase/Competition may not be used without the express written consent of Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC.

800-4: No other company, individual or venue may use any of the contact information of any of the participants.