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How do I change my song?

Go to the NMSF Karaoke Showcase home page. On the navigation buttons on the left, you will see one that says "CHANGE SONG". Click there. It will take you to another page. Fill out the quick and easy form and submit it.
If someone sings a song with no words on the screen, does that affect their

No it does not. In fact it will increase their score on Knowledge.
If someone purposely changes the words to a song, (ad libs, makes it their own),
will that count against them?

Ad libbing is fine as long as it doesn't completely replace the song. If the entire song is being replaced, you may want to use vocal less tracks and sing it with out any words on the screen.
What time do I have to check in at the Fair?

Check in times vary depending on the date and event:

Open Karaoke: September  5,6,7,8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14
Check in: 4:00-4:30pm
Show Time: 5:00-5:45pm

Showcase: September 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,  & 12th
Check In: 7:00pm-7:30pm
Showtime: 8:00pm

Semi-Finals: September 13th
Check In: 7:00pm-7:30pm
Showtime: 8:00pm

Finals: September 14th
Check In: 7:00pm-7:30pm
Showtime: 8:00pm

Minors Grand Finale: September 15th
Check In: 1:30 - 2:00pm
Showtime: 2:30pm
If I qualified can I sing in open karaoke for warm up?

Yes you may, subject to availability.

You will want to register on line as soon as the OPEN KARAOKE registration opens to the public on September 4th.
When can I expect my pass for the fair?

We are at the mercy of the Fair when it comes to getting our passes. They cannot order them until their physical budget begins while is July 1st. Then they have to have them printed, delivered and then sorted before they get to us. Once we get them we will have them delivered to venues strategically located in Albuquerque to be picked up at. As soon as we have it set up you will receive an email.
Why don't the judges advise and critique at the auditions?

There are many reasons why we don't do this.
1-We don't have time for this, we'd rather let as many people sing as possibly at the auditions, both contestants and regular singers.
2-Let's face it, some people can't handle criticism in front of crowds, we are here to build up self esteem, not tear it down.
3-We are not The Voice, America's Got Talent, Etc.....We are the biggest and best karaoke competition ever.
4-We are here to have to fun, not be so serious.
5-That's what your coach is for. Your coach gets your scores within seven days of your night. You may contact your coach for your scores and any advice.
Where do I park at the Fair?

Gate 8 off Louisianan is Free parking, however, the last Friday and Saturday of the Fair are extremely busy and have been known to be full by 2pm.
Gate 1 off Central is paid parking and Handicap parking.
Visit http://statefair.exponm.com for more information
Where and when do I get my passes? (FOR CONTESTANTS ONLY, STAFF PICKS UP) 

We are not able to get passes until the Fair gets them to us. We have no control over this because they cannot even order them until their physical year begins on July 1st. We distribute the passes to various venues so that you can pick them up on one of their regular karaoke nights. Passes not picked up by September 7th will be returned and you have to pay the appropriate gate fees. Passes do not include parking. Free parking is available at Gate 8. Paid and Handicap parking is available at Gate 1. 

You will see a featured location of where to pick up your passes when we establish when we are retrieving your passes for the fair.
I get an email and I'm confused...

When we send out an email we try very hard to make sure every piece of information is accurate and answers all questions.What we have found is when we get a question after someone receiving an email, is that the answer was already in the email. We ask that you take the time to read the entire email in it's entirety and don't just scan through it and then ask us. This could be very detrimental to you as we handle so many emails in a day that your question may not be answered before a deadline. 


The Main Pavilion changes its name every year. It’s right in the middle of the food area. It’s the biggest tent there is. You can’t miss it!

The Bucking Bar is a smaller bar cadi corner to Tingly Coliseum. It’s a small country looking bar.
Do I have to be present when Finalists are announced?

At the auditions yes. At the Fair no. However there will be a cash drawing at the end of each showcase night that only contestants can be entered in and you do have to be present to win. We build this showcase based on community and encourage every contestant to stay till the end of each showcase and support everyone involved. It would suck to be the last singer and no one is there to cheer you on.
I don’t remember what date / song I chose when I qualified how can I get that information?

Go to the elimination brackets your name will be posted. http://www.callmeozz.net/NMSF-2018-Elim-Brackets.html

You may also check the back of your certificate. You should have written your night on the back of it. You should have also received an email confirmation.
How can I make sure the KJ has the song I want to sing?

The best way to do this is by going to that KJs venue long in advance of your night to audition and make sure he or she has it. Or when you turn in your song, specify the exact version. You can even request the exact song number for example SC-4852
How much notice will I get if I make it to the Semi-Finals?

We are trying something different this year. We are waiting until all contestants have sung. They are scored each night. Then based on scores the top 24 will be chosen for the Semi Finals. We expect to send a text out to the top 24 by 11pm on Thursday, September 15th. It will also be posted on the website in the elimination brackets. You will have to confirm that you can make it by 10am Friday morning or the next contestant in line will get your spot.
How do I sign up for Open Karaoke?

On line at:http://hstrial-callmeozz.homestead.com/NMSF-Open-Karaoke-2019.html or you can just walk in, if there is space you will be able to sing. Open karaoke is every day except the last Sunday from 5:00-5:45pm check in is from 4:00-4:30, walk ins are from 4:30-4:45.

I never received confirmation for the song I selected. What do I do?

This can be a serious dilemma. It is listed on the registration, change song, and change venue form to contract 'awards' if you do not receive confirmation within 48 hours.  If you don’t get a confirmation within 48 hours, immediately contact your coach or send an email to [email protected]
I missed the deadline…what song will I be singing?

You will be singing the last song you qualified with

What time do I have to be at the fair?

Depends on the day. Thursday-Sunday is 6:15-6:45
Friday & Saturday Showcase only is 7:15-8:15
Minors on Sunday is 2:00-2:30pm
You can also check the back of your certificate.
​Can I use my own music-

No, this is karaoke, not song writing.

We will not promote your music.Thursday-Sunday is 6:15-6:45
Friday & Saturday Showcase only is 7:15-8:1
Is there anywhere I can park for free at the fair?

No-There is no free parking in, or around the fairgrounds.

You can use park n ride from Coronado or the tram from San Mateo & Central
See Rule #500-13 for more information
Why can’t I change my song at the audition night?

Pre-Planning and organization is the key to the success in a competition of this size. We expect over 350 songs to be sung during these auditions. Could you imagine if everyone wanted to change their song at the last minute? 

The Auditions would never start on time, therefore creating chaos, and problems with songs, therefore leaving the door open for unfair judging.
Our first year of doing the NM State Fair, we allowed people to turn in their songs at the last minute and change them. It was a nightmare. 

We strive to make every audition run as smooth and fair as possible. We also want as many non competitive singers be able to sing as well. 

If you do not want to turn in your song in advance and do it at the last minute, you can come in as a walk in. By doing this you are taking a chance that space may not be available, and the KJ may not have your song choice or your preferred version. When the KJ has advance notice they may able to download the version and song you want exactly. 
How will I make sure that the KJ has my song? Not every song is just acoustic, how can I specify my version?

It is your responsibility as a karaoke contestant to make sure that the venue you are registering for, that, that KJ has the song you wish to sing. Make sure you visit that venue/KJ prior to your audtion night to practice and make sure the KJ has your song. If possible, get the exact song # from the KJ and submit it to awards....
How are the judges selected? How much are they paid? And can judges return for another karaoke season? 

A member of the karaoke community cannot be a judge, to ensure there is no bias decisions or perception. All judges must have vocal background. Judges are paid minimum wage. We allow judges to return year after year if they so choose so, because they are doing this because of their passion to see local people express their talents.
How fair is the judging? How does it work?

 We do our best to keep returning judges from judging at the same venue at the same time. The judging panel rotates, changing for each audition night. All judges have individual score cards. 

If we ever were to feel that a judge was scoring because they liked someone from a previous year, or not, the judge would be terminated immediately. 
What does the winner get at the fair? 

 With, all 96 adults that make it to the biggest and baddest karaoke stage in the state, are already winners! Especially since you are chosen out of 200-300 singers. You will receive a Certificate of Advancement. 

You are now eligible to compete in TALENT QUEST 2019. The most prestigious karaoke competition in the United States, 19 years running. Should you advance to semi-finals, congratulations! You are now in the top 24. Should you advance to the top 12, congratulations! You are now the final twelve. You will receive a recognition medal. Should you advance to the top 3, you are now in top 3% of the heap. Here are the

First Place: Trophy, $600 Cash, Expense Paid (Airfare & Hotel for 7 Days + Entry Fee) Trip to Compete in Laughlin, Nevada to compete in the 2019

Talent Quest Competition.

Second Place: $250 Cash, 75% Expense Paid (Airfare & Hotel for 7 Days + 
Entry Fee) Trip to Compete in Laughlin, Nevada to compete in the 2019 
Talent Quest Competition.

Third Place: $150 Cash, 50% Expense Paid (Airfare & Hotel for 7 Days + 
Entry Fee) Trip to Compete in Laughlin, Nevada to compete in the 2019 
Talent Quest Competition.

Entry Fee to enter the 2019 New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase: $0
We simply ask you to support the participating venues.

How many songs do they have to be prepared to have, once they make it to the Fair, and can any of those songs be repeat songs, or do they all have to be different? And what if a KJ doesn’t have a version that they want? Can another KJ offer them that version? How does that work?

Once you qualify to the Fair, you will have to submit a total of five songs by Thursday, August 30th at 3:00 pm. One song will be the one you sing at the Showcase night. One song for the Semi Final night. One song for the Final night. And two songs for the Grande Finale.

You may repeat the song that you qualified for to get the Fair. However, all five songs must different than each other. When you submit your songs, you will be telling us, when you want to sing each song.

When you submit the songs, you will have the opportunity to tell us which version you want. You may include in that box, the KJ that you normally sing that version with. When we submit the song sets to the KJs, on your night (and the semi finals and the finals) KJ will also check to make sure that he or she has the song AND in the requested version. If that KJ does not have it, we will acquire it before the night. Therefore we must have all songs turned in by August 30th and there are no song changes permitted for any reason.
What does and doesn’t count for a venue change (for the two-change

If you go online, to the VENUE CHANGE PAGE, and switch your original venue to another venue, that counts as a change.

If you try out at a venue, don’t qualify, and roll over to another venue, that does NOT count as a change.

There could be other situations or circumstances that
could arise that may constitute a change in venue that would not count against you, such as a specific song choice, etc. It would be best to ask your mentor if you are not sure. 
What happens if I didn’t submit my songs before the deadline? Can I still sing at the Fair?

Yes, of course you can. What happens is, whatever song you qualified with at the venue will be your song you sing in the Showcase. When you check in on your night, you will be required to submit a song for the Semi Final Round, a song for the Finals Round and two songs for the Championship Round.

Then why bother sending them in early? 

When you send them in before the deadline, you allow us and the KJs to be sure we all have the songs in the system as well as in the back up system. If you submit them late, they may not be there should you advance. This happened to our third place champion last year. He may have taken first place, had we had the songs in place ahead of time.
I didn’t get to pick up my passes before the deadline, what now?

You will have to pay the gate fees and will not be reimbursed. We made the passes available for pick up for four days from noon until 7pm. Unfortunately, we do not receive the passes from the Fair until the last minute. It’s always been that way and it’s not going to change. The daily gate fees are $10 per person, except on special days such as Free Day, Dollar Day and Military Appreciation and First Responder Days, however, we do not know what days those will be.