You can find me at:  Kilt Check Brewing Co. on Sundays from 3pm to 7 pm. 

About me: 

Scroll through the KJ profiles, see where they're at, and when....
If you see a profile block with no information on it, 
Be sure to tell the KJ when you see them to get off their butts and submit their information!!!
KJ Grimm

You can find me at: Red Velvet Underground on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 - 11pm. Thursdays at Raw & Sauce from 
9pm - 12am. 

About me:

                        Charles-Owner: Karaoke Caliente

You can find me at Sunset Grill on Wednesday and Thursday!

About Me:
Taxicab Joe: Owner

Karaoke is free! Its just for fun!  You can find me at Ramada on Menaul  on Wednesdays and Edelweiss German-American Club every other Friday!

About Me:  I used to drive a karaoke cab!

Awards: Recognized in the Albuquerque Magazine in 2012

You can find me at Ten Pins on Saturday nights.

About me:

I can be found at Cantero Brewing Company on Monday Nights. 

About me:
Apocalypse Karaoke

You can find us at Billiards Palace on Every night of the week except Mondays!

About us:  Our team consists of  Kandi De Ville & Toxic Sugar.

DJ Eyes

You can find me at: Alley Cantina in Taos N.M. on Wednesday nights, and Eagles Club Taos N.M. on Thursday nights.

About me: I am a one of a kind KJ/DJ whos fun and outgoing (Get ready to have a great time)

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You can find me at:  Dewar's Pub @Lucky 66 Bowl on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 
I can also be found at Elk's Lodge on Tuesdays. 

About me:

The Rick

You can find me at:  Red Door Brewing Co. Downtown on Monday Nights, Red Door
 on Candelaria on Thursday nights. You can also find me at The Local Brewhouse.  You 
can find me at Black Snout Brewery every other Wednesday. 

About me:

Kamikaze Karaoke

You can find me at:  Rio Bravo Brewing Company LLC on Tuesday nights. 

About me:

KJ Eric

You can find me at:  The Lazy Lizard on Thursday nights. 

About me:

KJ Statik

You can find me at:  Isleta Casino on Wednesday nights. 

About me: