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Call Me Ozz Dot Net is THEE go-to website in the Albuquerque metro area for anything that is entertaining. Although it doesn’t boast 120,000 insignificant hits per month, the people that do pay a visit to Call Me Ozz are looking for one thing, something to do in Albuquerque. In addition to the web site, Call Me Ozz has 140 direct members on the karaoke site as well as a Facebook group of 1,672 members, 250 direct text listing, 488 Singers in the Metro area by zip codes. We also have direct connections to comedy, theater and live music audiences. When Call Me Ozz promotes an event it directly hits the people most likely to attend an event. 

Ozz sings in front of more people than any other singer in the city. This is why karaoke addicts know who he is. With Call Me Ozz Event Promotions, we can get the word out for you for your event or promotion. We take the big promotion load off you so you can focus on planning your event. When you agree to have Ozz promote your event this is what you get:

A 30% Discount on Special Package #2
Facebook event to all friends of Ozz, and the Call Me Ozz Fun Life group invited
•    Boost Event on Facebook
A Text Out to all of Call Me Ozz’s phone friends invited
Facebook posting 2 times per week
Tagging prospects in your Zip Code
Appearance of Ozz at your event
Hand Out Cards
Craigslist Postings
Build a Banner
Full Page on the Website
Email Blast
On the Scroller on the Main Homepage
Video Commercial
Assistant at your event
Live Facebook Video by Ozz prior to your event

You can always use more customers. We all know that we will lose customers for one reason or another. This is a great, inexpensive way to keep new ones coming. Proudly supporting small, local businesses!
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