SING n WIN at Effingbar & Grill
A SING n WIN is the easiest, fairest contest there is. It’s simple, if your sing, between 9pm & midnight, you will be entered in the drawing. Beginning a few minutes after midnight, we will draw names of EVERYONE who sang.  So, it doesn’t matter how good of a singer you are, whether it’s your first time or 100th time. EVERYONE has the same chance to win. You must be present at the time of the drawing to win. So grab your friends, mark your calendar and plan to be at EFFINGBAR & GRILL, Thursday, February 19, starting at 9pm! See all the rules below for the details! 
SING n WIN at Effingbar & Grill

1.Every qualified singer will be given an entry ticket into the drawing. 

2.To be a QUALIFIED SINGER one must sing a karaoke song from beginning to end by themselves or as a duet.

3.If they are singing as a DUET, they must both be signed up as such and finish the entire song, then each singer will be given a ticket.

4.Group singers are not permitted.

5.At approximately midnight the drawing shall begin of all QUALIFIED SINGERS. 

6.The first name drawn shall have a choice between $50 cash or a $175 Recording Studio Gift Certificate from Future Days Recording Studio. The second name drawn shall receive the prize not chosen by the first name drawn. Those two names will not be placed back in the drawing for future drawing night. A person may only win once during the 8 week contest.

7.Each name thereafter shall receive swag prizes, and names will continue to be drawn until the swag is gone. These names shall be returned to the drawing for future nights.

8.Each Thursday night until April 9, 2015, the Sing N Will shall continue. It shall begin at 9:00pm, and run the drawing at approximately midnight. 

9.Each singer may only receive one entry per night. Un-Won tickets shall remain in the drawing bucket week after week. 

10.Each singer may only receive the $50 cash prize once during the entire contest. 

11.Entrants will be accepted until midnight, then that rotation shall play out and then the drawing will occur. Entrants received after midnight will not be accepted. 

12.A minimum of 15 singers is required for the night to pay out the prizes.

13.These rules are subject to modification.