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Advertising on Call Me Ozz is easy, affordable and effective 

When people visit Call Me Ozz, they are looking for something to do. 
If you have something for them to do, they will come to you!

We have block advertising, enhanced listings, banner brands and quick posts for venues, businesses and events.  

We also offer barter advertising for KJs, DJs, Bands, Comedians, Live Theater, Charity Events, Non Profit, Hotels, Nail and Hair Salons, Tire Shops, Etc.

We offer sponsorships for special events and the New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase and Competitions.

Our advertising blocks are based on views per page. We have three categories:
Group A: Which gets currently 1,200 views or more
Group B: Which gets currently 600-1,199 views
Group C: Which gets currently 1-599 views

As the views vary throughout the year, we adjust pricing accordingly.
We change the pricing on our services every January 1st, and every July 1st.
Here are types of advertising we can offer you:
Special Package #1
1-B Ad Spot/1-C Ad Spot/1-Banner Brand

Special Package #2
2-B Ad Spots/2-C Ad Spots/2-Banner Brands/We will build your ad for you

Banner Brands
We promote banner brands for Group A, Group B, and Group C.
Banner Brands are effective in having a subtle advantage towards promoting your business.  By having a small button to link to your website, you can have the advantage of promotion without the large hassle of putting it together!
Here's an example:
Call Me Ozz began in 2010 to inform the public of The Barley Room Karaoke Competition.
Company Name Here

Here is a brief description of what you offer at your venue
You might say whether or not you're family friendly too
And have the name of the KJ hosting Karaoke on their nights
www dot yourwebsitehere dot com
Your venue's address would be stated here
Your phone number would be stated here
Your Logo Here
In 2016 Ozz retired, and by 2017, due to popular demand and a request from the NMSF to return, Call Me Ozz has emerged from retirement with a marketing plan that is sure to bring more consumers into venues than any other entertainment promotion company.
Call Me Ozz continues to become a household name to the local people looking for something to do as well as out of state visitors looking for some entertainment while on their business trip, family visit or vacation. 
In 2018 Call Me Ozz is expecting triple growth by the end of the year. Call Me Ozz has already earned the 2018 NM State Fair Karaoke Competition contract and is already putting the biggest competition the United States has ever seen into play. By mid April, the games shall begin. 
In 2014 Call Me Ozz Managed and Hosted the largest Karaoke Competition the state of New Mexico had ever seen; the 2014 New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Competitions. Involving 9 venues, 12 judges, 238 contestants, and at the NM State Fair; 96 Elimination Contestants. This event drew over 7,000 spectators over the competition and generated an estimated $100,000 in revenues between the qualification nights and the elimination nights at the NM State Fair. In 2015 and 2016 Call Me Ozz once again broke records in the second annual NM State Fair Karaoke Competitions.
In 2013 Call Me Ozz added Bowling, Cinema, Dining Out, Fine Arts, Live Sports, Major Concerts, Billiards, Darts, Foosball, Under 21/Over 18, Under 18/Family, Dance Halls and Seasonal Happenings to the website
In 2011, due to high demand, Call Me Ozz stayed up and expanded to inform the public where to find Karaoke in Albuquerque.
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Other Comments:
In 2012 as Call Me Ozz continued to gain supporters and followers it began to expand into Comedy, Live Music, and Live Theater.
Quick Posts!
Would you like an easy, cost-effective way to promote your event? Send us a JPEG of your event with directions to where, and time. We will post it on the page that best fits your event.  

Eye View Ad Spot
These are ads placed on a page that is the first item a person sees.

Top View Ad Spot
These are ads placed on a page below the eye view, one or two blocks down the page.
Middle View Ad Spot
These are ads placed on a page in the middle of the page.

Bottom View Ad Spot
These are ads placed on a page, at the bottom.

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Enhanced Listings

Enhanced listings are unique to the Find a Place to Sing page, and the Venue Profile Page. On the night you host karaoke, you may have your venue listed to have easy access information for customers to see and utilize.

Here's an example:​
Special Package #1
Special Package #2
Banner Brand(s)
Enhanced Listings
Quick Postings
Eye-View Ad Spot(s)
Top-View Ad Spot(s)
Middle-View Ad Spot(s)
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